Warren Jeff- Asia Baez

Honestly, I couldn’t take any of Warren Jeff’s writings seriously. I think that its partly because I read the Texas Monthly article first and it seemed to make a joke of Warren Jeff and his writings. When thinking about this medium I tend to think that this was on purpose-publishing the article in Texas Monthly was another way of reinforcing the public that this man was not to be taken seriously. The article talks about Jeff “quoting God” and even jokes about being able to purchase keepsakes of his writings as Christmas presents which made it pretty obvious that his spectacle is to be perceived as nothing more than comical. His “revelations” from Jesus stating that he need be released immediately or us Americans would be punished, certainly don’t help his case either.

On the other hand, Warren Jeff’s writings could seem completely legitimate to some people and those people might find it truly offensive that their beliefs are being subjected to this kind of ridicule. The article doesn’t even make a real attempt at hiding the mockery. The article is stuffed with sarcasm and satire and it pretty much discredited all that he was saying without regard for those who might actually believe in him. The media is constantly targeting religions but this article in particular really targets Warren Jeff’s beliefs in a way that one’s religion should not be.  The problem is that this article doesn’t just discredit Warren Jeff- it also discredits everything FLDS believe in.

I don’t care for Warren Jeff and I think he deserves to be in jail. However, in terms of respecting other religions and allowing people to have their beliefs without persecution; I don’t think this article is necessarily fair. I personally can’t even consider anything he says to be true but who am I to say that my opinion (which is gathered in accordance to my own religion) is anymore justified than his? Looking at the bigger picture, I think we all need to take a step back and realize that, no matter how ridiculous their beliefs may seem, everyone is entitled to believe whatever they choose to. They should be able to do so without fear of being mocked.