Field Trip – Emily Miethner


Overall, I found this field trip to be the most successful. I took more out of this trip that pertained to my life and future career. For example, during our visit with Emily, I asked her where she did her most effective networking. I had anticipated her saying “social media”, seeing as that is her industry, but oddly enough she said that a lot of her networking is done at actual events. She tries to participate in as many events, that pertain to her field, as possible so that she can meet more people and broaden her network. I found this to be very interesting and made a note to remember that for future references.

It really was a pleasure meeting Emily. Her story was inspiring and her speaking skills were very effective; she had my attention from the minute I stepped in to the room until the second before I was forced out. Through watching her and her presentation, I was able to see all of the concepts, that have been taught to us in class, applied. Her co-working space was a beautiful new, refreshing thing to see as well.

After the Center for Social Innovation, we headed over to the Museum of Art and Design (MAD). I found this museum to be much more interesting than the Museum of Modern Art. While the Museum of Modern Art had many nice things to look at, the Museum of Art and Design contained pieces that both served a practical purpose and was appealing to the eye. I found, for example, the Nike track sneaker whose design was originally 3D printed.


The entire 3D printing section fascinated me. It is, after all, the future of production. In the museum I saw 3D prints of things ranging from shoes, to chairs, to lamps, to utensils, to dresses, to even mini people! It’s amazing and I can’t wait to see how the technology progresses.





I had a great time on Saturday and I was able to learn a lot of things about technology, presenting, and even myself. I definitely plan on attending one of Emily’s events and I hope to return to the Museum of Modern Art in the near future.


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