Reaching New Heights


As the tallest member of my family ( at a whopping 5 feet 4 inches), I struggle every morning to get a good glimpse of myself in the hallway mirror. My munchkin of a mother has it set so that mirror is at perfect eye level with her five foot frame; cutting my head in half whenever I look into it. It’s incredibly annoying and frankly very inconvenient. I stumbled upon a neat little contraption, however, that would solve my problem.


The Rise and Shine, designed by two Scandinavians, Amy Hunting and Oscar Narud, is essentially just a mirror with a pulley attached to it. This small addition to the mirror allows for people of multiple heights to allocate the same mirror. With just a tug of the pulley, a mirror positioned at the height of someone who is over 6 feet tall can serve for someone as short as two feet tall. Besides its practical purpose, the Rise and Shine is also an eye pleasing, fun accessory to any wall.


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