These Booties Are Made for Watching


Any mother will tell you that the first few months of her newborns life are by far the most stressful. The incessant crying and their sleep deprivation aren’t their only problems though. The constant worry over their newborns well-being is enough to keep most moms up at night. This neat little invention called the “Smart Sock” is designed to calm moms nerves and ease their worries by keeping them updated on their infants’ vitals right from their iphone.

The Smart Sock provides information to parents regarding the infants’ heart rate, oxygen levels, temperature and sleep habits. It even has a feature that will notify parents if and when their infant turns face down in the crib. This is an especially comforting feature considering the number of sudden infant deaths that occur each year.

My bestfriend’s brother just had twin girls last month and I can just imagine how much of a handful they are. With both Emma, Addie, as well as  3 year old brother Noah in the house, it’s safe to say their parents don’t get much of a break.


As soon as I read this article I thought immediately of them and how useful something like this would be to them. Considering the amount of money they’re going to have to spend on diapers, the $199 per baby will seem like pocket change. However, like any parent will tell you about things concerning the well-being of their child, its a worth while investment.


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