Field Trip


Overall I found our Field Trip on Saturday to be both fabulous and informative. Elizabeth Gillett was extremely hospitable, and surprisingly humble for someone who built an entire design label from the bottom up. I found her story to be inspiring, beginning her whole career with the reproduction of a single scarf. I gained a lot of insight about the business world, as well as the design world, and all the many parts that tie into them. Seeing her studio in person really  tied the connection between design and business for me. Essentially, the two go hand in hand. Having a design in not enough without the business skills to back it up. Just as Elizabeth showed us with her different seasonal designs and fashion forecasts, the design has to fit into what will sell in the business.

The second part of our day, the trip to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), which might I add was my first trip there, was also a success. Apart from seeing many interesting modern art designs,



as well as getting some inspiration for the decoration of my future house,



I was also learned a thing or two about Le Corbusier.

Aside from being a brilliant architect, designing building such as the United Nations and the Palace of the Soviets, turns out he was also an amazing painter, as seen in his paintings such as “Still Life FIlled with Space.” I was amazed at the various structures, designs, and pieces of artwork contained in the Le Corbusier exhibit, a place that I certainly intend on returning to and spending more time in.

The entire field trip  really broadened my knowledge and bettered my understanding in the area of design and business. Now that I’ve seen all of the concepts applied, this class is beginning to make a bit more sense to me.


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