Producing “Bigshots”, One Camera At A Time


Nowadays no one really knows how to do anything anymore. Manual research has been replaced by google, maps have been replaced by navigation systems and people have been replaced by Siri. Professor Shree Nayar of Columbia University came up with an idea that would force kids to actually learn a thing or two before they were able to use this new toy.

Essentially, the Bigshot camera is just a regular digital camera with a twist: It doesn’t come assembled.


The idea behind it is to engage kids so that they want to learn about the the building process and as a reward they have a camera to show for it. While learning how to assemble the camera, they are also getting a quick lesson in mechanics and engineering principals.

I can remember being seven and feeling so proud after assembling my Barbie Airplane, it made playing with it all the more enjoyable. I see it in my seven year old sister who loves to put her final product on display after she’s created something with her legos.


I’d imagine this camera will have kids feeling the same way once they’ve pieced together their Bigshot camera.

Fortunately enough, the Bigshot camers has recently been released onto the market and is available online on the official BigShot website for just $89.


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